About Blue Science Solutions

What We Do

Blue Science is a distributor and developer of advanced water chemistry technology that implements the basic concepts of electrolysis to create a line of non-toxic and safe cleaning and sanitizing solutions for use in consumer, commercial and institutional applications. Our main focus is providing businesses and individuals natural cleaning and sanitizing products that are effective, safe, non-toxic and inexpensive. Blue Science is uniquely positioned to provide not just the cleaning and sanitizing solutions, but for customers to actually own the very machines that empower them to make their own cleaning and sanitizing solutions at their own facility, on demand, and as needed.

National and Global Reach

Our locations within the U.S. include Florida (headquarters), Virginia, Minnesota, and California. Blue Science has international presence in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Our locations allow us to uniquely respond to customer requests for effective and inexpensive cleaning and sanitizing solutions and assist with natural disasters as they arise including flooding, hurricanes, tornados, and more.

Natural and Organic Decontamination

We at Blue Science Solutions recognized that if you have a difficult time pronouncing the ingredients of typical cleaning and sanitizing agents, chances are they are likely hazardous or un-natural. The process to create our brand of cleaning and disinfecting products is rooted in the chemical laws of electrolysis, where the combination of simple salt, water and electricity changes the composition of the salt water mixture into two powerful solutions; catholyte (cleaning agent) and anolyte (sanitizing agent). Each solution is designed to work independently of the other; however, can be mixed for specific applications.

Products Designed for Compliance with:

Blue Science Solutions COVD Disinfectant