Hammerhead Series ECA HOCl System

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Blue Science Solutions Systems are for use on viruses bacteria and fugus

Blue Science Solutions Hammerhead Series ECA Devices HOCl

Efficient and Economical On-Site Disinfection Production System

The Blue Science Hammerhead Series ECA production system is designed to produce disinfectant and cleaning liquids on-site or to be distributed for use in a multitude of different applications. All Blue Science machines produce hypochlorous acid, an antimicrobial compound proven to be hundreds of times more effective than chlorine bleach, and sodium hydroxide, one of nature's most powerful grease-cutting cleaners.

How Blue Science Compares:

Blue Science Solutions devices are the most efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and capable HOCl production systems available. The following chart compares our most popular model, the Hammerhead Series with comparable models from other manufacturers.

    Blue Science Solutions EcoloxTech Radical Waters / Envirolyte
    Hammerhead 1200 NOW Impact
    Performance and Volume Comparison
    Disinfectant Volume (L / hr) 80



    Cleaner Degreaser Volume (L / hr) 75
    Not Capable of Production
    Max. Free Available HOCl (ppm) 1,100 400 with Addition of Acids 500
    Key Feature Comparison
    Capable of  Low (2.5pH) Production
    Capable of High (11.5pH) Production
    Round Reactor Cell with Membrane
    Patent Pending

    RoHS Certified
    CE Certified
    Financial Comparison
    Flexible Lease Options

    The Blue Science Difference

    The production of the cleaning and disinfecting solutions is accomplished through the use of our proprietary and protected equipment development which is now available for lease and sale to third parties.

    Competitive machines do not have the ability to create custom cleaning and disinfecting solutions or have the ability to alter the pH of the solutions. Other issues with respect to competitor equipment include: turbulent flow reaction that decreases the shelf life of the solutions created, inconsistent control of the pH of the solutions created and inefficient reaction of the salt water ingredients. 

    Produce 2000 Liters per Day of Hospital Disinfectant On Site

    The Blue Science Hammerhead Series has the capacity to product 2000 liters of HOCL and approximately 4000 liters of total solutions per day (cleaning and disinfecting solutions combined).

    Ideal for Constant Use of Disinfectants

    The system is idea for use in any facility where constant use of disinfectants is necessary or desired, but without the risks of toxicity or environmental damage associated with mainstream disinfectant and cleaning agents.


    Cabinet Dimensions Weight and Impact Rating
    21.9" x 13.9" x 8.9" Built into Seahorse brand cases with Military Spec Impact Rating:  MIL-STD-3010C
    Cabinet Enclosure metallic Military grade blue molded security case (available with handles and wheels for mobile applications)
    Portability wall mounted
    Power Requirements 120v/220v AC, 50-60Hz Power and needs 10 Amp Circuit with clean reliable power and surge suppressor
    Controller Manual controls with Amp-meter and dials
    Brine Tank Must have salt level above water level and may be a typical brine tank used for water softening systems. For more info See Salt and Water Setup
    Operating temperatures Ambient air in which to operate system is between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit
    Water Source Included with detailed installation instructions for more info See Salt and Water Setup

    Performance Standards:

    Production Capacity ~1050 Gallons or ~4000 Liters of total solutions per day including:
    ~525 Gallons or ~2000 Liters of Blue-Lyte (anolyte)
    FAC & ORP FAC 200 - 500 ppm, ORP > 800 with pH of 6.2
    Current Consumption <10 Amps AC
    Brine Concentration 7 - 11 Grams per Liter depending on required solution
    Catholyte ph >11
    Water requirements Reverse Osmosis (RO) or <1 ppm Hardness
    <1 ppm Fluoride
    <1 ppm Iron
    Salt requirements Common food-grade (non-ionized) salt, or pure sodium chloride (NaCl) water softener salts.
    See Salt and Water Setup
    Flow Rate to system Line size 22-30 gal/hr @ 45-50 psi 1/4" OD Main water Inlet Hose
    Warranty 1 year on all parts with limited to 5000 hrs on cells.
    Warranty on cells will be void if “water requirements” are not met.
    Delivery 2-4 weeks on none inventory equipment