EPA Registered Blue-Lyte Disinfectant and Green-Lyte Cleaner

Harness the Incredible Power of Nature at a Fraction of the Cost

Blue-Lyte and Green-Lyte formulas are professional grade and both 100% natural. Dramatically reduce health and safety risks using natural disinfectants and cleaners from Blue Science Solutions. Blue-Lyte costs a mere fraction of traditional dangerous chemicals such as liquid bleach because Blue-Lyte is made from two simple ingredients: water and salt.

Safe EPA Validated Ready-to-Use Hospital Disinfectant

Blue-Lyte is registered with the United States EPA as a biocide with an EPA registration, EPA Reg. No. 90626-1, as a ready-to-use hospital disinfectant. It's powerful enough for disinfecting operating theaters, but also great for restaurants, movie houses, cruise ships, hotels, and anywhere a safe, effective, and cost-sensitive solution. 

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Kills 99.999% of Germs

Blue-Lyte is verified by the U.S. EPA to kill MRSA, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, E-Coli, Listeria, and more, and is approved as a ready-to-use hospital-grade disinfectant that is natural, non-toxic, and effective.

Blue-Lyte : 100% Natural Hospital-Grade Disinfectant

Blue-Lyte is the 100% natural, non-toxic* disinfectant perfect for any application where safe, rapid elimination of bio-contaminates and destruction of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes is essential. Blue-Lyte is made using the Blue Science Solutions ECA Devices using just water and salt. Safe, natural, and effective as confirmed by the CDC, EPA, FDA, and other regulatory agencies and independent laboratories.

Green-Lyte: 100% Natural Cleaning Power

Green-Lyte the 100% natural, non-toxic* cleaning agent perfect for any application where safe cleaning of grease and other soil matters most. Green-Lyte is made using the Blue Science Solutions ECA Devices using just water and salt. Safe, natural, and effective as a detergent and surfactant for lifting dirt and cutting stubborn grease and oily messes. VIEW EPA REGISTRATION

Independent Distributor and Bottling Available

Blue Science Solutions helps you start your own natural and safe disinfection production business using the Blue Science Solutions Devices to produce Blue-Lyte and Green-Lyte for direct distribution to your customers. Click here for more information and to apply to be a Blue Science Solutions Distributor or Independent Bottler.

Blue-Lyte Disinfectant

Green-Lyte Cleaner-Degreaser

*Applies to diluted concentrations of under 200ppm HOCl (FDA "GRAS" Specification).