Blue Science ECA 1200 vs. Competitor Devices

Blue Science Solutions devices are the most efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and capable HOCl production systems available. The following chart compares our most popular model, the ECA 1200 with comparable models from other manufacturers.
    Blue Science Solutions EcoloxTech Radical Waters / Envirolyte Kirkmayer Klarion
    ECA 1200 1200 NOW Impact BMI-020 EGS-6020
    Performance and Volume Comparison
    Disinfectant Volume (L / hr) 45



    22 2.5
    Cleaner Degreaser Volume (L / hr) 15
    Not Capable of Production
    2.2 5
    Max. Free Available HOCl (ppm) 1,500 400 500 500 165
    Key Feature Comparison
    Capable of  Low (3pH) Production
    Capable of High (11.5pH) Production
    Round Reactor Cell with Membrane
    Patented Cell Design

    UL Listed
    CE Listed
    Financial Comparison
    Cost Under $25,000
    Flexible Lease Options


    The Blue Science Devices

    ECA 1200

    ECA 4000

    ECA 8000